You can use this tool to find the RGB value for a color. (See also our Color Chart Tool).

  1. Click anywhere inside the circle to select a color.
  2. Once you click on a color, the background will change to that color and a six digit RGB (red, green, blue) value in Hexadecimal (hex) format will be displayed.
  3. Enter this value into your HTML to change the color of backgrounds, tables, table cells etc.
  4. To change the brightness, type the percentage value into the brightness field and hit the Tab key. Changing the brightness value will change the RGB value.

Examples: #FFFFFF is white and #FF0000 is red. So, to change the background color of a:

  • WEB PAGE to white, the code would look like this: <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
  • A TABLE to red, the code would be: <table bgcolor="#FF0000">
  • A TABLE DATA cell (TD) to red, the code is: <td bgcolor="#FF0000">
  • A TABLE ROW (TR) to grey, the code is: <tr bgcolor="#C0C0C0">


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