WebHosts Manager is part of an international network of search engines and specialized sites which has been providing web services to over 3 million worldwide customers since 1998. Our service helps customers get online with a basic site quickly, easily and cheaply.

Our sites are designed to fill the gap between free web hosts which display advertising banners on their members' pages, and expensive commercial web hosts which commonly charge per year or more.

Once you have ordered your account, you will able to log into your unique Site Manager immediately. In this Site Manager, you will see all your files along with several different options which are discussed in other parts of our Tutorial. These options include new page makers, page editors, file uploading, your own web board and much more.

Having your own web site will allow web surfers from all over the world to interact with you and to discover a little about you, your business, your hobbies, interests or whatever your web site is about. You can share your interests, your stories, your ideas and anything else with others online.

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